Bookstagram Request



I have recently started taking requests for Bookstagram photos! If you would like for me to photograph your books please use the contact information located at the bottom of this page so we can set something up!

I specialize in flatly photos and you can see my work at Http:// , as well as further down this page and in my daily reviews.

I can do both paperback and Ebook photographs and can do specialty prop staging. Currently I am not charging for this service, it is purely a way to help cross promote each other. All I ask in return is a tag and mention to your followers, and maybe a bit of feedback!

So, if you would like to request a photo or send a book copy for a photo here is my contact information:

Megan Gallt

Novel Grounds

315 Sawmill Arch,

Chesapeake, VA 23323

Please Indicate in your email what you are requesting.

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