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Ruthless King by Meghan March

I don’t think I have read a book that has made me blush SO MUCH in months. Heck, maybe longer. This book was page turning, a bit thrilling, and a heck of a lot of self fanning.

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Sleeper by Lexi Blake


It is finally here! I binge read the rest of this series and have been itching to get my hands on Sleeper. This book doesn’t let down for a second.

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The Consort by K.A. Linda

I will confess that I started this book thinking it was the final book in the series, it wasn’t and now I am back where I was with book two, wishing that it was the release of the next book.  I flew through reading this. Linda has such a way with this world that by the time you blink you are at end end and pumped up wanting more. It is invigorating.

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Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre

I fished #ghostwriter. I have never felt so utterly savaged after reading a book. It was compelling and devastating and I won’t forget this book ever. If you want a book to completely engulf yourself in, here it is. It isn’t a happily ever after, it isn’t really even a romance. It is however one of the Best novels I have read. Ever

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From Darkness by Staci Hart

Another one knocked out of the park. This book brought all the tears. Not as much as previous novels I have read from Staci, but it brought them none the less. This series is like an addiction. I imagine it is quite similar to how Data feels for Area because even knowing it is going to wreck me, I can’t help but to read it anyway.

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Racer by Katy Evans

If you are an original fan of Remy like I am, this book will speak to you just as the original Tate did. I made the mistake of starting and telling myself I would read only one chapter. Oh how I lied. I read this book start to end in one sitting. I couldn’t turn away from Racer and Lana. You won’t be able to either.

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Next Generation by S.C. Stephens


I don’t know about you guys, tau I feel like I have been waiting for more in this series forever. I am a HUGE fan of the conversion series and this novel really takes it to a new level.

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Hot Stuff by Kim Karr


Another hot read from Kim Karr. I have read every novel this author has published since Connected and I don’t think I will ever stop. She continuously delivers enticing romance reads that steam it up while keeping it completely entertaining. I love the greta plot lines she mixes with these romances and I am never let down.

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Exes With Benefits by Nicole Williams


Another one that I absolutely couldn’t put down! Nicole gave me the best second chance romance i have read in years! It brought ALL the emotions and had all the fun I love in a novel from her.

Canaan and Maggie have the type of love that beats all odds. It is the type of love that even when it has been years, still burns as bright as the first day it sparked.

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Drunk On You by Harper Sloan

There is something you can always count in with a Harper Sloan novel, and that is the fact that you are going to fall hard for the alpha male she has presented you with. I LOVE this spin off series with all the kids. I think it is a fun way to fall in love with this world over and over again.

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Fraternize by Rachel Van Dyken

UHG THIS BOOK! I swear Rachel has this talent of having you TOTALLY on one team and then convincing you otherwise as the character changes their mind. I was all for this book. I love a good sports romance and I love a love triangle even more. Even if this wasn’t what that was. Persay.

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