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Novel Grounds had a baby! This means MUCH less reading time. I am not currently taking any new requests. You are welcome to still fill out the form, just please be aware. Thank You.


Please read my rating information as well as some of my reviews. I am honest. If I don’t like things about the book, I will point them out. This comes with the territory. I swear I will tell you what I honestly feel about your books. Take that as you will.

I review a lot of books. If I accepted every book request I got, I wouldn’t ever have time to do anything. I can’t possibly accommodate them all and for that I am sorry. Just as you, the author, may have likes and dislikes I am just a person who also may not want to read every book. I will only respond to those requests that I accept and I cannot guarantee dates for review. I have tours and such I commit to months in advance.

This blog is run by Me. That is it. I do cherish every request and I do look at every book or email sent my way. With having a family as well as doing this, I can only do so much. I will help as many Authors as I can. I Love every request I receive and will try to read as many of them as I can. Thank you.

I post all reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and my blog.

I am always willing to do promos for books I think my readers will enjoy. I apologize if your book doesn’t fit my scope as I may also decline to share.

My Scope:

I mainly focus on Romance. NA, Contemporary, Erotic, YA and Paranormal Romance. I don’t really stray from these genres. Sorry. I won’t review anything political, religion related, biographical, or Non-fiction. Not my cup of tea. Please don’t request for these. I won’t read them.


I am always willing to help promote with giveaways. If you wish to do a Paperback Giveaway of your Novel please fill out the form and indicate so. You will be responsible for shipping the book to the winner.

So, if you would like to request, please fill out the form below:


  • Reply Dead Bound Publishing September 3, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    We would like to speak with you about doing giveaways and promos for our titles. Thank you.

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